No Silence


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released July 4, 2014

Recorded by Jacob Lee at Plastic Skull Studios



all rights reserved


WALLFLOWER Fresno, California

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Track Name: Another Mess
look back and regret the life you lived,
just so you could fit in with society.
You created another mess, to carry all your fears.
But, routine was not meant for me.
I wont follow your path.
I refuse to be a mindless cog.
Wont throw away my youth,
won't be part of their demise,
I know the truth in this world of disguise.
Track Name: Giving In
how much longer will their suffering last.
when will you finally wake?
your apathy wont solve a thing.
your negligence breaths death.
ignorant of what you consume.
never question a thing,
you'll fall right in line, give in to the lie.
Track Name: Symbol
Fuck your sexist clique . And your macho attitude. We came here to escape, the bullshit ideals society creates that keep us apart & tells us how we're to act and feel. I wont be oppressed by your actions, or the things you say. No silence will come from me. We've tolerated enough of you and we're sick of the lies & hate you've spread about us, your intolerance is vile and you just create division within our scene
I won't stand down from my ideals. Fuck your so called “unity” that isn't real
No silence will come from me. Sexism should not be a norm within our scene. I'll keep screaming until we're heard. No silence will come from me.
Track Name: Crushing Teeth
you try to push us down
you try to force us out
and you always fail
you're on my last nerve
you're always hiding from the truth
a coward in everything you do
now your luck has been cashed out
and all you knew was how to sink
all you have left is doubt
was it smart to act before thinking